Choose Your Own Genre: Ether Band at Brooklyn Bowl

Way back when on Friday February 5, Ether Band took their fans and the patrons of Brooklyn Bowl on an improvised auditory journey like no other. This experience is extremely unique as the audience is invited to aid in the style of music the band plays by choosing the key and genre before each performance. That means that every song or jam is very particular and a surprise for all in attendance. tmckenna_ether_bkbowl_14

There was a very special guest present as famed trombonist Natalie Cressman joined the band for their improvisational expedition as the night ranged from “EDM in D” to “Nola Funk in F#,” “Williamsburg Chainsaw Massacre in F” and even some “Light Metal in D.” No matter what Ether Band played they exuded massive amounts of precision musicianship and talent; it’s as if they were reading each other’s minds during the performance. Every genre displayed someone’s chops in full swing and had the crowd moving non-stop.

As a fan of live, improvisational music I realized that it is an absolute treat to witness an Ether Band performance; the audience CHOOSES what the band plays which ensures that no show is the same, the band is comprised of incredibly talented musicians that continuously find each other’s grooves, and lastly, there are amazing guest musicians that join in on the fun. If you’re able to see them live I implore you to do so, it’s certainly an adventure.

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