Dr. Dirty Fills Turning Stone Casino Showroom Once Again

On March 5, John Valby who’s known as “Dr. Dirty” once again packed the room to capacity at the Turning Stone Casino Showroom in Verona.

dr. dirtyWith no opening performers scheduled, Dr. Dirty made his entrance to the stage and sat at his keyboard shortly after 8 p.m. Even before Dr. Dirty made his appearance, the adult crowd was ready for the night’s comedy and filled the room with vulgar chants and cheers. The entire night was filled with laughter by the crowd who were victims of Valby’s act. Throughout the evening, the Buffalo-based comedian went through many of his fan favorites along with a few new tunes. Many of the night’s jokes hit on current news stories, politics and more.

Some of the highlights from the show were when Valby collected audience members’ names and used them as part of his songs. Another hight point was when Valby invited girls on stage to join him for another song. The night ended with a poem and a thank you from Dr. Dirty, noting his appreciation for the supportive fans at the Turning Stone.

Watching the crowd as it emptied the Showroom venue, it was easy to see that everyone had a great time by all the smiles and continued laughter. For anyone who’s never seen John “Dr. Dirty” Valby and enjoys a good laugh, be sure to catch him at the Showroom next time he comes to town. In the meantime, check out “Poetry From Bed Pan Alley,” the new single from Valby’s forthcoming release, Keep Calm and Valby On.

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