Lotus Rocks Terminal 5

On Saturday, February 6, Lotus played Terminal 5 in NYC and brought some serious funk and covers for this stop on their Winter tour.


Arriving at the venue, the line stretched almost the entire length to the West Side Highway. Faces of eager fans contorted and cringed at the thought of waiting in the cold to see Lotus bring the heat. Once inside, the familiar funk of “Greet the Mind” warmed things up a bit; it’s a great opener in terms of getting everyone grooving and in terms of title. Lotus continued the funk with “Philly Hit” and then laid into some heavy jamtronica grooves with “Neon Tubes.” We were only three songs in and it seemed as though the crowd were bobbing their heads and weaving their shoulders in unison. They closed out their first set with “Age of Inexperience” which had guitarist Mike Rempel laying down some fiery licks.

Second set opened with “Eats the Light,” a newly released single which is a Lotus track in every way, shape and layer. Keeping the flow with “Kodiak,” “Spaghetti,” and “Nematode,” Lotus jumped into an excellent vocoder-laden cover of Tame Impala’s “Elephant.” For their encore, Lotus played “Behind Midwest Storefronts” and then busted out an amazing rendition of Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime.”

Set 1: Greet The Mind> Philly Hit> Neon Tubes, Molluskunk, Travel> Greet The Mind, Marisol, Age Of Inexperience
Set 2: Eats the Light, Kodiak, Spaghetti> Nematode, Elephant*, In An Outline, 128
Encore: Behind Midwest Storefronts, Once in a Lifetime**
* – Tame Impala Cover
** – Talking Heads Cover
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