Hearing Aide: Samantha Fish ‘Wild Heart’

SF Wild Heart CD Art-smallSinger-songwriter and blues guitarist Samantha Fish’s third studio release, Wild Heart, is rife with powerful vocals, raunchy guitar riffs and thunderous drumming. Fish’s vocals will remind listeners of other female powerhouses like Grace Potter and Susan Tedeschi.

The album’s standout track, “Road Runner,” kicks off the 12-song collection and lays down the framework for what is to come—a 52-minute showcase of Fish’s soulful range backed by rocking guitars. “Go Home,” the first ballad on the album, features more delicate vocal work with hint of country to the sound. Returning to her roots in the hill country blues, she delivers a fitting cover of Charley Patton’s “Jim Lee Blues,” and it’s probably the most important tune on the record.

However, many of the tracks seem to fall flat with no real arrival. When one expects the song to progress to a climax, it simply continues along the same steady path where it started. Much of the drumming throughout the album is uninspired, not matching the intensity of the guitars or vocals. But many listeners will find this aspect of Wild Heart to be familiar and comfortable, as the simple backdrop beats let Fish’s rebel-twang steal the show.

Samantha Fish is currently on tour in support of Wild Heart, and she is scheduled to perform at New York City’s Cutting Room on Feb. 13.

Key tracks: “Road Runner,” “Jim Lee Blues,” “Bitch on the Run”