Bernie Worrell Diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Bernie Worrell, keyboardist and founding member of Parliament Funkadelic, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, his wife and manager, Judie, announced.


The announcement was made through a post to Worrell’s Facebook page:

I have not wanted to share this information with anyone this soon. But, I am being told “people around the world LOVE Bernie, they would help if they knew”. We shall see: Bernie is suffering from 4th Stage Lung Cancer. He wants his album released in his lifetime (if you have not already, please go to the indiegogo page (see Kevin’s posts for the actual URL). Then, we will address trying to find a cure for him. … Please say whatever you have to say to whichever Diety/Great Spirit/Allah/God/Jehovah in whom you believe — and should Bernie be appearing somewhere GO SEE HIM…..just don’t talk about this to him. It is totally overwhelming for him and he does NOT want a lot of emotional histrionics.

Worrell is best known for his work with Parliament Funkadelic and use of the Moog synthesizer to create their futuristic sound. He was also a de facto member of the Talking Heads through much of the ’80s, performing on two of their albums, the studio album Speaking in Tongues and the live album Stop Making Sense, and touring with the band.

More recently he has been touring with his Bernie Worrell Orchestra, which features a rotating lineup of musicians that have included Steve Kimock and Andy Hess. In 2015, he appeared as the keyboardist in Meryl Streep’s fictional band in her movie Ricki and the Flash.

Bernie Worrell on Facebook


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