Hearing Aide: The Primrose Drive EP

Going into my first listen to The Primrose Drive’s EP I was apprehensive. From the sessions I’d seen online, I knew the the group had talent, but I had no idea how they would display it in the studio. Primrose opens their EP with “Empty Auditorium”, a Dan Auerbach-esque tune with a catchy riff and driving drums. I was disappointed when the vocals entered, because it felt to me like they were too separated from the music.

Their second song, “Funk > Shakedown Street”, completely changed my opinion. It proved to me that the skills are certainly present as are the vocals. I think the fault in “Empty Auditorium”, if any, lies in the production. I grooved to Funk >. It’s certainly something that I’m going to play on my radio show in the coming weeks. I pressed onward to “Up Close”simple, catchy, groovy. It’s a sweet, introspective tune. This eventually became my favorite song on the EP because it fits with the songs that I’ve been listening to since my move to Syracuse. Things only got better with “Site 21”. It was folky in nature, which I absolutely love, and the minor chord progressions leading into the chorus were a great touch. The final song, “Waiver” was a nice ending. It grooved, and the guitar solos were stellar.

All in all, I don’t think there was anything “groundbreaking” about the Primrose Drive’s first EP. It’s their take on a genre that has existed for quite some time. That being said, I’m excited to here for more them in the coming years. The Primrose Drive certainly separates themselves from other rock groups with the authenticity of their music. Every tune is genuine and heartfelt, a window into the group’s wild highs and morose lows. watch out for these guys.

Key Tracks: Up Close, Funk > Shakedown Street

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