New York Gypsy Music Festival Returns for 14th Captivating Performance

In it’s 14th exciting return to the stage, the New York Gypsy Festival will once again be celebrating the stellar beauty of Gypsy music at the downtown venue DROM this fall. The event is a prideful display of universal love for music and also includes performers from Canada to Russia. Loved for its wide spectrum of genres and culturally rich showmanship, listeners will be exposed to “flamenco, southern Italian folk, turbo-punk, Indian, Balkan brass, funk, and more.”

The festival’s continued appearance in NYC can only be considered fitting as it is a place of inclusiveness and appreciation for the arts. As any real music lover would agree, listening is only one part of experiencing the music. The New York Gypsy Festival prides itself on shocking its spectators with intricate dancing, authentic outfits, and demonstrating the emotional connection each performer has with their respective culture.

See dates below:

Sept. 6 – Dobranotch (Russia)
Sept. 14 – Underground Horns (New York)
Sept. 20 – Romashka (New York)
Sept. 25 – Barbara Martinez (New York)
Sept. 26 – Lemon Bucket Orchestra (Canada)
Sept. 28 – Original Quartet by Javier Limon (Boston)
Oct. 3 – NY Gypsy All-Stars (New York)
October 5 – Newpoli (Boston)

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