Redman Confirms ‘How High 2’ Movie in the Works

Although it has been has been tossed around the past decade or so, “How High 2” may be in fact happening after all.

XXL Magazine conducted an interview with Redman on the release of his latest album Mudface.  The following is an excerpt from the interview.

Will fans get to see another Blackout 3 album in the future?
Absolutely. We actually want to make it the soundtrack to How High 2.

So when is How High 2 dropping?
Yeah, How High 2 is not going to drop until at least 2017. The writers are still writing the script. Just looking at it time wise and being realistic about it. By the time we shoot it, get it edited, color corrected, that’s going to be a year or so, so yeah about 2017.

Back in 2010, when Method Man and Redman were touring for Blackout 2, they played a show at the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, and Meth asked if everyone wants to see a How High 2.  The crowd roared in favor of it.  Time will tell if this will happen but this is first bit of news on any progress of the film in quite some time.  Until then, we can laugh to the original.


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