Nick Alexander, Merchandise Manager for Eagles of Death Metal and Music Journalist Guillame B. Decherf Among Those Killed at Bataclan

As the details begin to unfold as to who has laid claim to the senseless acts of violence in Paris Friday, November 13, we learn of the passing of Nick Alexander, Eagles of Death Metal’s Merchandise Manager.

Nick Alexander with Girlfriend Polina Buckley

In a statement released by the family to Rolling Stone, they share of their loss.

“It is with huge sorrow that we can confirm that our beloved Nick lost his life at the Bataclan last night. Nick was not just our brother, son and uncle; he was everyone’s best friend – generous, funny and fiercely loyal,” Alexander’s family said. “Nick died doing the job he loved and we take great comfort in knowing how much he was cherished by his friends around the world. Thank you for your thoughts and respect for our family at this difficult time. Peace and light.”

What we have learned thus far by the NYTimes, is that these acts have been claimed by ISIS as the “beginning of the storm”.  French officials are informing us that, “..the assaults were carried out by three coordinated teams that included a 25-year-old Syrian terrorist”.  With suicide bombers and gunmen entering three separate areas throughout the “City of Love”, the city has been deemed a “state of emergency” closing down schools, events, and tourist attractions throughout the city, while placing other cities on high alert in efforts to thwart other attempts they may have planned.


As news begins to be released and we learn of those we have lost, one particular loss hits close to home, as included in this news is the loss of French music journalist, Guillame B.Decherf, who was at the Bataclan last evening to cover the performance of Eagles of Death Metal. Covering the show for local publication, Les InRocks, as he has so many shows since he began working for them in 2008, it was likely the furthest thing from the mind of this father of two that carrying out a job he loved of music would end so tragically.

Guillame B. Decherf

Through the aide of technology, news has been shared in such a timely manner keeping the rest of the world abreast of the situation.  Social tools such Facebook’s, Safetycheck, has helped many friends and family to confirm the safety of their loved ones while the world stood in unison changing their profile photos with the Parisian flag. Twitter quickly became a message board of sorts for those in need tweeting and hash tagging #PorteOuverte — “open door” for those in need of refuge while #UneBougiePourParis , and #Praying4Paris sent support from strangers worldwide.  Tonight as the world comes together in solidarity, we reflect back on the wise words of Martin Luther King as we move forward together to make changes in the world;  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”