PhanArt Announces New Years Show in NYC

PhanArt will host an art show for the first time in New York City penned “Skyscraper is Grand” on Saturday, January 2, 2016 from 12-7 p.m. at Hotel Penn, directly across the street from Madison Square Garden.

Skyscraper is Grand 1

Produced by Pete Mason, founder of PhanArt, co-owner/Editor in Chief of NYSMusic and author of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, PhanArt exhibitions have been held in Atlantic City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and Philadelphia since 2013 and represent a continued effort to promote and exhibit original and unique concert art, posters, pins, apparel, stickers and much more from a wide variety of artists.

The eclectic artists featured at this event show the broad scope of Phish related art and capture the inspiration of the band in their art. Phish’s creative fan base makes amazing art inspired by the band, their music and the locales they play. This event also gives fans the opportunity to meet a generation of artists they might otherwise know casually, form a bond with and develop a greater appreciation for the broader art scene in the Phish community.

In keeping with the great tradition and success of past art shows, “Skyscraper is Grand” will offer free entry to all patrons and tubes available for purchase. Special edition works only available at the show can be viewed on and acquired exclusively at the PhanArt show. The initial artist lineup is expected to be announced in early December.