Hearing Aide: ALO ‘Tangle Of Time’

tot_featureIt has been three years since ALO last released an album. During that time, the band kept busy working on side projects and sit-ins with other artists. The result of that break is Tangle Of Time, their latest album, which was influenced by those side projects and other musical endeavors.

While Tangle Of Time starts out in a familiar manner, long-time fans of the band might notice a different feel to much of this album. “There Was a Time” starts the album off in a fun, laid back manner. A pair of songs, “Not Old Yet” and “Keep On,” seem to be influenced by Phish bassist Mike Gordon’s solo work. Fans of ALO’s 2002 album Time Expander will enjoy the dancy groove of “The Ticket.” “Simple Times,” a ballad about spending time with loved ones, and “Strange Days,” a folksy number to close out the album, both draw from a country and folk influence. Lyrically, many of the songs on this album speak of various aspects of time, such as reflecting on the past (“A Fire I Kept”) or looking forward to the future (“The Ticket”).

There are a couple low points, but Tangle Of Time is, overall, a fun album. The band is keeping their music fresh by drawing from new influences. Fans will notice the influences of folk, jazz, country, cajun and electronica on this album. It’s always refreshing to see bands and artists change up the styles of music on display in their repertoire. Tangle Of Time is just that.

ALO is currently on tour. Tickets are still available for many of their shows.

Key Tracks: The Ticket, Simple Times, Sugar

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