SOiL with Powerman 5000 Take Fans on a Time Travel Trip

The summer evening had people out of their house on a Tuesday, July 7 and into the one of the local metal music stomping grounds, The Montage Music Hall. The driving factor to come out this night was SOiL, listed as the special guest of Powerman 5000.  Although it was a Tuesday night, the walk through the venue doors became a gateway into the future and it became Friday night.  The venue had all that was needed for a good time to take place by hosting the bands on the Powerman 5000 tour.

Soill P5k-1482

SOiL had brought in music lovers.  The talk and chatter of people clearly interpreted a cohesive understanding that this band is a staple to go see live whenever they are on tour.  SOiL played an important role to progress metal to the airwaves with hit singles.  These songs became a part of mainstream radio from the 2001 Scars album release.  That release included two songs that were included on the set list for the evening, “Halo” and “Redefine.”

Ryan McCombs vocals were on point; full throttle power seemingly came from somewhere deep within him.  The venue was over taken by a full out sound blast filling every inch of the place. Indications of acceptance that the band was delivering were immediate.  People moved in as close as they could to the stage, phones glowing, ready to grab a picture before bodies started moving. The energy of the crowd shifted as they were embraced with the sound waves; that was the moment that confirmed this was a show worth going to. It became an experience, not just a night out. As the metal groove was in full play, even the biggest bad ass was moving to the beat, showing giddy approval of what they were witnessing.

Bassist Tim King did his thing by keeping the crew together in the foundation core for both the harmony and rhythm. The band was one system, one body that fed off each other.  As the bass and drums built the intensity, a pulse was alive and strong. Drummer Mitch Gable literally hit it. The combination of the two were a countdown for all systems and ready for take-off.  The crowd felt the pulsating vibrations to their core with the bass and drums fully in check. Harmony streamed in from guitarist Adam Zadel’s skills for people to get their metal sway on.

The connection of all systems was completed when McCombs vocals took hold, containing passion and deep meaning, what serious metal music fans want to hear and see.  He was at one with the microphone, the song, his boys and himself.  People were connecting and were in the moment with the band in a unique moment of time.  Ryan sang with a powerful roar that included perfect pitch, pure emotion and soul.  Add in qualities of stage presence and a sense of deepness and he is unique, not just through his vocals or the rasp in the voice.  He is the full package as the front-man.

Each of these guys bring to the stage the talent and coolness that are combined and meant to complement each of their skills.  No wonder why these guys have sold over 1 million records worldwide.

It would be dismissive not to talk about Powerman 5000 (aka PM5K), who displayed a wild experience and definite change up to the metal hardcore that was on before them. Described as futuristic electronic metal, the confidence in their style and skill kept everyone engaged. Spider One connected immediately with the Rochester crowd by introducing an off-topic conversation.  He asked and waited for answers regarding restaurants that are open and have food in Rochester. People started yelling back responses, “WindJammers!” and then a specific response “Pizza!”  Spider’s response was that he would have loved that information earlier in the evening.

Powerman 5000 performed with a futuristic sound of rap with metal and an electronic edge mixed well with the green laser lights shooting from the drum sticks, guitars and not to mention the outfits that had everyone thinking they had traveled to a future time.  The tour is supporting the release of the latest album Builders of the Future.

Unfortunately for Rochester, time travel from the Friday night vibe had to return to Tuesday as the show ended.  Not one person left dissatisfied with their time travel trip.

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