Disturbed Releases Past and Present Video Clip

Disturbed fans are about to get Stupify over a video the band posted on their Facebook page. The three-minute-and-some-change video clip shows a look back at Disturbed’s 15-year career, while hinting at the end of the video that a worldwide tour is on its way.

The video showcases the band in past shows while reminiscing about their first studio album The Sickness, to their soon-to-be-released sixth studio album Immortalized. You can hear some of David Draiman’s  concert quotes during past live shows to the tune of the bands hit singles from each album mixed in a medley.

Since the beginning of summer when the band announced the end of their hiatus, fans are just waiting in excitement for an official tour announcement from the band.

Immortalized will be released everywhere on Aug. 21.

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