Despite Mayhem Fest in Town, Cro-Mags Brought The Ruckus

After catching a few shows in the Long Island area earlier in the spring, I was eager to travel from Syracuse and back. All because Club Loaded keeps bringing exciting shows to Revolution Music Hall. It was only appropriate to catch New York’s most legendary hardcore band Cro-Mags last Sunday, July 26.

I was kind of shocked at the lack of attendance at this show, but as I sat at the bar and enjoyed some fried food that likely took a few years of my life span (totally worth it). Someone had mentioned to me that the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival was in Long Island the same night. But on a positive note, it was a very intimate show. Crazy mosh pits and the explosive energy that Cro-Mags brought on stage made this a very memorable night.

Local openers Demon Racer and Johnny Booth graced the crowed with brief sets before what felt like an eternity wait before Cro-Mags just leveled the stage. You couldn’t have asked for a better opening song than “We Gotta Know” followed by “World Peace” and “Show You No Mercy” all off the classic Age Of Quarrel album. Basically…they played almost the whole album with a couple of other songs lightly sprinkled into their set.

Guitarist A.J. Novello was missing in action due to family obligations, so Black Anvil guitarist Gary Bennett stepped in and did one hell of a job filling in. It was actually a nice surprise. Despite years of line-up changes, Cro-Mags are veterans of their genre and have showed absolutely no sign of slowing down. Their sound as tight and precise as ever with an energy on stage that is unmatched by most bands. Frontman John Joseph McGowan, looks like a mad man on stage dancing between lyrics and encouraging the crowd to mosh and stage dive. Although that sounds dangerous, but everyone was having fun and looking out for each other.

Cro-Mags closed their set with “Don’t Trend On Me” and playfully stormed off the stage before doing an encore with their trademark hit “Hard Times.”

Afterwards, the band came out to hang with the crowd which is always nice and most other bands of all genres should take note.

Overall, it was a fun night, the sound of the venue was crystal clear and loud, and the Cro-Mags proved they’re still the leaders in New York City hardcore.


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