Hearing Aide: Wild Adriatic ‘Never Enough’

‘Never Enough’ 2015

Saratoga area trio Wild Adriatic haven’t stopped picking up speed in the past few years, gaining fans worldwide with their contagiously fun and dance-able yet heavy in just the right ways blend of blues, soul and good ol’ straight up rock ‘n roll. They released a full length album in January 2014 and since have been on the road almost non-stop, touring coast to coast and for the first time taking their live show overseas on a European tour. During a six-week residency in Austin, Texas they released a new five-track EP on March 17 titled Never Enough that is a fantastic sampling of the talents and sounds they bring to the table.

The title track to this release starts off with a big, dirty, head bang inducing guitar riff that will grab any listener’s attention whether they’re ready for it or not. Then when the sounds of Mateo Vosganian on drums and Rich Derbyshire on bass join in together, it’s clear that it’s time to crank the volume as loud as possible, because this band is about to show you a damn good time.

The second track, “Strange Persuasions” slows down slightly, with hip swaying grooves. After an electrifying solo towards the end of the song, when guitarist/vocalist Travis Gray comes back in with the words “Tell me now do you want me?” you can envision the ladies in a crowd nodding, weak in the knees after the shredding that just swept them off their feet. Then they let the listener down softly for a moment with the ballad “Because of Me” showing that although good times are what they’re known for, they’re equally able to melt every heart in the room. The last-minute of the song Gray lets his guitar take a verse, showing that his playing can portray the same level of emotion as his soaring falsetto vocals.

The fourth track, “Trouble” full of hard-hitting yet intricate drum fills, funky keys, pulsing bass lines and rocking’ riffs, is a song that in the live setting would be a challenge for anyone to sit still through. This release is short and sweet, and for a new listener, an ideal introduction to what this band on the rise has to offer. Yet the studio version of this trio is only a fraction of the band that they are on stage, a true powerhouse of sound and energy where they take their songs to new levels in each performance.

Oh, and there’s also a cover of Bill Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” but not much needs to said about that. When this trio decides to do a cover, they fill it with soul, make it their own, and exceed all expectations.  From releases to live performances, everything Wild Adriatic does continues to set the bar higher and higher for the band. They are truly a band to watch this year and beyond as they continue to grow their sound, picking up influences and styles as they continuously hit the road running. With their intense touring schedule, it’s likely they’ll be in a town near you soon, but until then, Never Enough will keep you smiling, dancing, and singing along from whatever speakers you’re blasting it from.

Never Enough is available at wildadriatic.bigcartel.com and via iTunes.

Wild Adriatic have announced tour dates through August, including Bonnaroo (Manchester, TN) and Summer Camp (Chillicothe, IL). Full list of dates can be found at wildadriatic.com

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