Hearing Aide: Misery Kills ‘My Ugly Insides’

Misery Kills (formally called Misery) is a metal band from the Long Island/NMy Ugly Insidesew York City area that I never heard of until a couple of weeks ago when I caught a few metal shows down there while visiting family. Bassist Joe LoCasto, who plays in Misery Kills, also plays in a band with Joey Z of Life Of Agony called Zire’s War. After having the pleasure of witnessing Zire’s War, Joe LoCasto told me to check out Misery Kills, so after receiving their album My Ugly Insides, I had high expectations for this album, after listening to this album, I was not disappointed.

The album starts of with an instrumental intro entitled “Eight FortySix Thirty” then blazes into a devastating track called “Eyes Wide Open.” And when you hear the evil screeching roars of vocalist John LoCasto combined with dual guitars of Corey Schaefer and Duane Conlon, you know that this band means business. To top it off the bone crushing tracks from drummer Scott Borrero aided with underlying bass of Joe LoCasto gives this band a unique chemistry. The best way to describe the sound of this band…remember the circle charts from elementary school? Picture three interlocking circles representing three bands: Lamb Of God, Coal Chamber, and Agnostic Front. The gray area that the three bands I just mentioned share is what Misery Kills and this album reminds me of.

Now back to the album. The track that I fell in love with is “Poltroon.” That song makes me want to stomp someone the hell out, a great feel good aggressive song. Every track is solid, thrashy, and to the point. The quality and mixing of this album sounds retro, which I believe that producer Joey Z (Life Of Agony, Zire’s War) was going for when he was putting the finishing touches on this album.


The next track that gets me going has to be “Kills My Day,” it’s the fastest and most vulgar track on the album, it’s very blue-collar with no-nonsense. Right after that, the guitar work on the following two tracks “Sick Around You” and “White Trash” is absolutely top-notch. This band grabs you by the collar and makes you listen…and trust me, you will be hooked.
Towards the end of the album, you are graced with the track “Give Em Hell” which is a foot stomping anthem with catchy hooks and nasty breakdowns , then My Ugly Insides ends with the title track which is the cherry on the bloody sundae that this band serves. It’s a very appropriate and dark song to cap off to what is in my opinion, a very solid metal album from a very hard-working band. I was happy this band reached out to me, so do your ears, mind, body, and soul a favor and pick up this album.

You can purchase My Ugly Insides here. Check out the track “13 Miles” below.

Key Tracks: Poltroon, Kills My Day, Give Em Hell

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OdE60fKpWs&w=420&h=315]

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