Fans React to the moe.down Hiatus

Reactions ranging from hope for the future to anger for the decision were felt from moe.rons early last week when the band-centric festival called off the 16th installment slated for late August/early September 2015. As one of the few festivals that focus on one band and their curated lineup, making it 15 years is no small feat and is likely the longest stretch for a music festival to run with one band serving as host. Here’s hoping after the dust settles, moe.down 16 is on the calendar in 2016.


moe.rons on Facebook took it especially hard, with reactions ranging from sad, (“It’s not just a band and a crowd. It’s a way of life. It’s community and It’s music, love, and laughter. It is my favorite time of the year.”), to hopeful (“I hope they’ve got a monster summer tour in store for us at least.”) , to ways to remedy the lack of three days of moe. in Upstate New York (“moe. should play three nights with the Disco Biscuits at a festival in Upstate New York (revamped Camp Bisco??)”). While fans are settling in with the news, we’ll see what moe. has in store when they share summer plans in the coming months.

Twitter handled it a little differently…

Wow, no #moedown this year. I am so grateful that I was able to enjoy 10 incredible moe.downs with my music family. It was my first festival (’02), along with Liz + Adelina (thanks P!) and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We had canned food but no can opener, a tent without all the proper poles and no flashlights (!!!), but we had wigs, hats, iron on tanks we designed, and glow sticks. It was the same weekend that I accidentally bought tickets to see Aerosmith at the Boston Tweeter Center instead of the one in NJ, so we road tripped to MA, stayed with a friend of a friend that we never met, Addy got cut off at a Boston Red Socks game, saw Aerosmith, and then it was off to our first music festival. Even after I moved to Florida, I flew black north and made it to 10 in a row. I missed the last 3 working at Catskill Chill but it will always have a special place in my heart. So many memories from Labor Day weekend and so many friends I would have never met….it’s hard to even begin to put how special it was into words. Thank you, Moe! @moetheband @moechukg @alschnier #moe

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