Aqueous and Funktional Flow Close out a very Successful 2014

It was so fitting that the two Buffalo based bands got together for New Years Eve this past week at Buffalo Iron Works. The two bands had a very successful 2014 and celebrating it together was just a great sign on how each band supports one another. Funktional Flow opened the show and by the second set the sold out room was rocking. Flow which has gone through a change in their band in the latter part of the year seemed to be better now than ever. They were joined on stage by local guitarist Joey Lewis and a horn section with Matthew Lester (saxophone) and Oliver Chezliak (trombone). The horns gave the band a much fuller sound and allow some really good solos to be brought on. The band played several originals and mixing in some interesting covers, closing the night out with Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” which saw both of Aqueous‘ Mike Gantzer (guitar) and Dave Loss (keyboards) join the group.

Set 1: Attention Span, Strong Feeling, Seven Nation Army*, Moonlight, I wish

Set 2: Dumber, Leaving Town, Ambush, Ophelia**, Shape, Talk Dirty***>Immigrant Song****, Ben’s Beach, Mulligans>Get Lucky*****>Mulligans

Encore: Comfortably Numb ******1

* White Stripes cover
** The Band cover
*** Jason Derulo cover
**** Led Zeppelin cover
***** Daft Punk cover
****** Pink Floyd cover W/ Aqueous’ Mike Gantzer (guitar) & Dave Loss (keys)

Funktional Flow Gallery

Aqueous came on the stage a little after 11:30 and to a thunderous applause. The group has had such an incredible year and 2014 was one of huge celebration. Capping the year with their incredible cd, Cycles which was NYS Music’s Album of the year as well. The band has played many dates throughout the east and continues to be a force throughout the music scene. Its going to be interesting to see what 2015 brings to the 4 piece. The guys also have gone through some adversity with Ryan Nogle assuming the role behind the kit and he’s done an amazing job to say the least, the group is posed to have an even better year come 2015.

Set 1: Mosquito Valley Pt- 1>Warren in the Window>Auld Lang Syne> Warren in the Window, All In, Eon Don>Aldehyde>Stickshifts and Safety Belts-2>Aldehyde, King for a Day-3, Underlier>Skyway>Under Pressure-4

Encore: What’s the Connection-5> Dave’s Song-6

Alternate version
Cake cover – debut
Included parts of Eric Johnson’s Cliff’s of Dover
Queen cover – debut
Performed as Reservoir Tip: Mike on drums, Evan and Ryan on guitars, Dave on Bass
w/ Jeff from Funktional Flow on guitar, Dave on keys

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