Rapper’s Lament: Big Bank Hank Dead at 57

bigbankhankBig Bank Hank, original member of the legendary hip-hop group The Sugarhill Gang passed away today due to complications from cancer. The Gang is best known for perhaps the most eponymous and appropriately named rap tune of all time: “Rapper’s Delight” – which was featured in countless movies and the first tune of the genre to crack the Billboards top 40 chart (in 1979). Hank was 57.

Co-founders Wonder Gee and Master Mike released a statement on the passing:

“So sad to hear about our brother’s passing. The 3 of us created musical history together with the release of Rapper’s Delight. We will always remember traveling the world together and rocking the house. Rest in peace Big Bank.”

sends our deepest condolences to Hank’s family and friends.