Heads Up for HeadCount on Election Day

If you attended a concert or music festival this summer, chances are you most likely saw the HeadCount tent set up with volunteerimagers eager to happily hand out information on the importance of voting. Turns out they were doing more than just giving you a chance to win an autographed poster or VIP tickets. HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy. Today over 300 musicians, comics and actors have all partnered with HeadCount to urge fans to get-out-the-vote (GOTV).

The hundreds of entertainers who will flood social media with tweets and posts encouraging fans to make their voice heard include such stars as Stephen Colbert, Dave Matthews, Linkin Park, Sarah Silverman, Fergie, George Lopez, Jason Mraz, T.I., Lewis Black, Chaka Chan, Weird Al Yankovic, Ms. Lauryn Hill, all the living members of The Grateful Dead, Andy Richkter and Conan O’Brian. The diverse group of people continues with each averaging over one million social media followers, totaling more than 350 million followers altogether making it the largest Election Day social media push ever.


Each entertainer’s tweet, photo and post will include a link to headcount.org/govote where votes can easily find general election information such as polling place finder, ID requirement and what’s on each ballot. Through the timeless effort and setting up voter registration drives at 705 live music events, HeadCount registered over 25,000 voters for this election. “The incumbent Congress is the least popular in history, so we can’t leave it to the candidates alone to inspire people,” said Marc Brownstein, HeadCount’s co-founder and bass player for The Disco Biscuits. “We’re trying to get the message across that being dissatisfied is a bad reason not to vote – it’s the exact reason why participation is so important.”

We are taught the struggles of those who fought for our right to vote, how fortunate we are for the opportunity to have our voices heard and that every vote matters. It’s easy to feel discouraged in the world of politics but music has always proved to be a comforting and powerful tool. Our favorite musicians are looking to us to come together and rage the poll booth.Today’s the day to prove how strong we are and that we want change for a better tomorrow. Go get your vote on! Check out HeadCount on Facebook, Twitter #GoVote and Instagram.

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