Pink Talking Fish Spin Dark Side of the Moon on its Head

I could sit here and type a review of Pink Talking Fish who took Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon this past Saturday, October 18 at The Cutting Room in New York City and played it straight through while weaving Phish songs and Talking Heads song into the mix. I could tell about the smart pairings of “Life During Wartime” followed by “Time” and  “The Great Gig in the Divided Sky”, where the “Great Gig” was sandwiched inside “The Divided Sky”. Or I could express how flawlessly the show sounded, far from rehearsed but fully in sync throughout the night, playing to an enthusiastic the crowd that danced harder with each segue in and out of selections from three historic bands.


But I think it’s best if you see them for yourselves this Friday at Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs. Pink Talking Fish never disappoints, period. Tickets are $12 at the door and Cosmic Dust Bunnies open at 930pm.

Setlist: Speak To Me>Breathe>Bathtub Gin>On The Run>Life During Wartime, Time>Breathe Reprise>Divided Sky>Great Gig In The Sky*>Divided Sky, Money**>Swamp**>Money**>Us And Them**>Tweezer>Any Colour You Like>Psycho Killer>Makisupa Policeman/Brain Damage Mashup>Burning Down The House>Eclipse*>Tweezer Reprise*

Encore: Crosseyed And Painless>Echoes>Catapult>2001>Moon Rocks**>Ghost>Echoes>Crosseyed And Painless

*w/ Aly Paige on vocals
**w/ Matt Wayne on sax