Nas Kicking off Illmatic Tour With Back to Back New York Shows

Nas has been at the top of the rap world since he debuted 20 years ago and will be celebrating the anniversary with a tour for his landmark first LP Illmatic. The tour has a little extra punch to it due to the fact that not only will Nas be playing the album front to back, but he will also be showing his brand new documentary “Nas: Time is Illmatic.” The film follows the trajectory of the album from when it was being recorded all the way up to today. The influence that the album had on the rap genre is undeniable, and to be able to see it right before hearing the man play the legendary album is a once in a lifetime event.

Nas, including Illmatic, has released eight platinum and multi-platinum albums throughout his career and has played all over the world. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Nas eventually moved to Queens with his family at a young age and soon became interested in hip hop and the growing community surrounding it. Illmatic was a fan favorite from the moment it was released, earning high praise from the hip hop community. Not only did he rap about problems in everyday life, but he also rapped about the hope for a better one. These two shows are the only ones anywhere in New York.

This film, which premiers at the Tribeca Film Festival on Oct. 1, means a lot to him. Nas has said, “I want to thank Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and the Tribeca Film family for all of the love & support they’ve given Time Is Illmatic. It is an honor to be in partnership with them, and I feel there is a cultural kinship bonded by the city of New York.” The film unfortunately won’t be shown on the tour’s opening night at Main Street Armory in Rochester on Oct. 2, but it will be shown the following evening, Oct. 3, at Albany’s Palace Theatre. Tickets are still available for both nights, $40 for Rochester and up to $70 for Albany, so don’t sleep on your chance to see these special shows from easily one of the best rappers out there today.