Exit The Haggis, Enter Jubilee Riots

When faced with change, most individuals tend to shy away from it. Uncertainty of what will occur, especially when you are in a situation where you are comfortable and safe, tends to deter us from making that leap of faith. Today, those that follow Enter The Haggis learned that their beloved band is making a leap of faith into a new direction. Immediately following the announcement of the band’s name change and new direction those fans, aka Haggis Heads, began to react. Some with glee and support, some with sadness and fear that what they love will no more be, and some have yet to respond.

I cannot say I find this a surprise though as this band has been cutting edge and pushing the limits and evolving for several years now. This is a critical step for musicians to make, one that is considered risky at best to switch what appears to be genres, hoping that fans will follow. If you look at history of those bands with longevity, you will see evolution in their music and pushing the boundaries. Sometimes the risk pays off, especially when they have as much talent as these lads do. The band will still play all their fans favorites, they still will be the amazing guys they always have been, they just are growing, they are just becoming better. It’s commendable.

Jubilee Riots
Jubilee Riots

This new direction, including their new name, now known as Jubilee Riots, allows this amazing band to continue to grow and bring their music to a wider base of fans worldwide. As they completed their latest album, The Penny Black Project, it’s apparent that they love their fans. In fact, the entire album is written by stories submitted to them of personal life stories from fans worldwide. Their highly anticipated album will soon be released and a local private listening party will occur Oct. 12 at the Saranac Brewery. Stay tuned as NYS Music brings you a preview of the album and highlights of the party.

The band will have one final show as Enter The Haggis at The Wescott in Syracuse on Oct. 11 and tickets will go fast, so please purchase yours now for their final celebration as Enter The Haggis and to show your support for their new adventure.

No matter what their name is, they love their fans, they love central New York, and they just plain ole’ rock. NYS Music wishes Enter The Haggis farewell and welcomes Jubilee Riots with open arms.

For the full statement from the band please visit http://www.enterthehaggis.com/exitthehaggis