The Revivalists Perform an Intimate Show at Buffalo’s Waiting Room

It seems no matter if The Revivalists play a huge music festival or an intimate small club show they seem to really give it their all. Tuesday, August 12 was no different as the New Orleans band played with as much conviction as if they were playing in front of thousands upon thousands of music lovers at The Waiting Room in downtown Buffalo.


Opening the show was Buffalo’s own Funktional Flow. The band bridged funk, reggae and all around jamming together and hitting you in the face with a powerful recipe this foursome is really taking it to the next level. Playing a few new songs in the set was also entertaining and giving Camp Flow, which is what the fan base has started to adopt as their nickname something to long for. A new album is on the doorstep and with the potential this band has, the sky is the limit. Funktional Flow continues with spots at The Purple Pig Festival, Catskill Chill and Night Lights Music Festivals, keeping them fairly busy and they would have it no other way.


Thomas Wynn & The Believers followed Flow’s explosive set with an American Rock infused sound that turned the decibel rating in the small club to overdrive. The band itself was solid and makes sense that they were named Orlando’s top Rock n Roll band four years in a row.


It may have been a Tuesday night but it soon seemed like a weekend night as soon as David Shaw (vocals, guitar) and The Revivalists started to really get going. Shaw asked the crowd to move right up close and the spaced out room became very intimate in no time. One thing you will find in many Revivalists shows is Shaw enjoys to be part of the crowd, often jumping into the crowd and mingling with his fans. Shaw has so much soul in his voice and his actions at times really speaks largely to what this band has become. He is backed by some solid musicians and his band has just as much fun on the stage that Shaw seems to have off stage.  The seven piece band played their hearts out and it may have been a smaller show in the grand scheme of things but they sure didn’t give that impression to the Buffalo fans.

Setlist: All in The Family, When I’m Able, Stand Up, Concrete, Keep Going, Catching Fireflies, Two Ton, Not Turn Away, Navigate Below, It Was a Sin, Soulfight, Fade Away, Souls To Loud

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