Changes Made to Conehead Buddha Lineup

Conehead Buddha recently announced major changes to their lineup as they head into moe.down on August 30.

conehead buddha
Conehead Buddha

Newcomers Suke Cerulo (guitarist of Schleigho fame), Colin Almquist (bass) and Amit Shamir (drums) are each identified as family, according to the band’s recent press release, and join Chris Fisher (lead vocals, percussion, guitar), Terry Lynch (trumpet, vocals, hand percussion), Shannon Lynch (saxophone, flute, vocals), Shaun Bazylewicz (trombone), and Mike Dunn (keyboard). The perceived familiarity among them all lends the band confidence that their sound will “tighten up” and “rock harder” as they prepare to hit the studio with new tunes.

The first official set for this raging eight-piece is on August 30 at moe.down music festival in Turin, N.Y.

One of the original genre-blending bands to grace the jam scene. Conehead Buddha plays songs you can dance to. Sometimes they’re in a trance-like jam, sometimes they’ve got a salsa pulse and sometimes they rock it out with a taste of ska. Whatever the groove, CB is an exciting band to see live and get down to.

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