Hearing Aide: King 810 ‘Memoirs Of A Murderer’

king-810-memoirs-of-a-murdererFlint, Michigan metallers King 810 have released their first full length album Memoirs Of A Murderer released by Roadrunner Records. A band, who are no stranger to arrests and controversy. Machine Head’s Rob Flynn has praised this band for their balls to the wall violent ways – But does Memoirs Of A Murderer live up to expectations?

My immediate impression with opening track “Killem All” is that this band is a mix between hardcore and death metal; if that makes any sense. It’s very aggressive sounding with very violent lyrics. The album does maintain a consistent theme with the whole “I wanna kill you” attitude that is present in almost every song. This band sends a message that they have been around violence all their life and want to translate it using metal music.

The album has aggressive electric guitar sound until the fourth track where it briefly changes pace with an acoustic but haunting sounding song “Take It”. Then the next track goes heavy again with “Fat Around The Heart” by delivering the message that the band has been around so much violence and wants to tell the listener not to try to live that kind of lifestyle because you won’t make it. Vocalist David Gunn goes spoken-word with “Anatomy 1-2”  which is a good change of pace so the album does not sound all the same.

“Eyes” is an impressive track. The bands lyrical style changes as well as musically and goes into a melodic direction showing that the band has depth.

“Desperate Lover” goes back to the heavy and violent direction. Anyone that has ever fantasized about killing an ex-lover would love this song. Moving forward, we get another heavy track with “Boogeymen” and another acoustic track with “Devil Don’t Cry” before we get another spoken word track with “Anatomy 1-3”. The rest of the album continues with the heavy tracks before it finally closes with acoustic closing track “State of Nature”.

Overall, a solid debut. Simple but catchy rifts throughout, very violent but memorable lyrics.  This band is the next controversial band, expect them to ride the wave of bad publicity, but their talent can’t be overlooked.

You can purchase the album here.

KEY TRACKS: Fat Around The Heart, Eyes, Desperate Lover