Falling Up Working on New Album

fallingFalling Up, the alternative/experimental rock band from Oregon, announced it is working on a follow-up to the 2013 concept album, Hours.

The band received funding from Kickstarter supporters to record, market, and produce the album. While details about the album’s themes are under wraps, the band has made other matters public.

The band is continuing to stay independent from a record company. Falling Up severed ties with Tooth & Nail in 2009 after a six-year partnership with the record label. Jessy Ribordy, lead singer and keys player, said that the cause of that split was due to the company’s pressure on the band to tour without spending an adequate amount of time writing music or recording.

Ribordy and Co. – guitarists Nick Lambert and Daniel Elder, bassist Jeremy Miller, and drummer Josh Shroy – have posted a Kickstarter page, asking for contributions in the sum of $40,000 which to cover costs for recording, marketing, production, and distribution. Since there is no record company present, the band is taking a DIY approach. They are offering tiered rewards for contributions, ranging from an early download of the album to dinner with the band to an executive producer credit.

The album is set to launch in 2015. For more details please visit the band’s Kickstarter page.

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