Willow Creek Winery Hosts an 18-Hour Dance Machine with The Electric Odyssey

You want to have a day of fun? Take a fabulous venue, combine great friends and dance filled music and you’ve got yourself one heck of a good time. The Electric Odyssey took place on July 12 at Willow Creek Winery in Silver Creek, NY. The event started earlier Saturday and continued till Sunday’s sunrise, it was a great day of people coming together and creating something special. A lot of the crowd had enjoyed a great night the night before with Conspirator and decided to stay for the weekend, which is a great option at this venue, creating a go-to concert destination.

electric odyssey 7-12-6

Mister F continues to bring their game to western NY and it’s no wonder Blue Stream Productions just picked them up to join Aqueous and Ocupanther, they are truly stepping out as a premier band in New York. The Manhattan Project started the evening out with a stellar set, with the two-man band creating great vibes and a thunderous bass thump that got people moving.

electric odyssey 7-12-9

While two of Disco Biscuits players played the previous night, drummer Allen Aucoin manned the stage solo with his side project, DrFameus. You see something special, when watching Allen on stage, Armed with a drum kit, and a few toys, Aucoin played for an hour and a half nonstop. You have to be in some great shape to pull what he did, in that amount of time, and there is a reason he has the success he does. He brought everyone out of the woods and primed for the evening’s music.

Notixx donned the stage for a second night, he was good the night before but he seemed to have kicked it up a notch. He had the crowd thumping to his beats. The energy was great and at one point had a couple of fans up on stage dancing to the music. Notixx was perfect for the night and kept everyone out late from scurrying to the woods, keeping everyone raging.

electric odyssey 7-12-38

Mister F played another set in the side stage and is starting to become a nice late night band. They just love to play any chance they get whether its 3PM  in the blaring sun or 3AM, they’re up to the challenge of getting people going.

The Electric Odyssey was an incredible event and with its success look for it to be an annual event in Western New York. It seems that it will be around for years to come.

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