Grand Opening Celebration of Grandma’s Studio & The Albany Barn

The Capital District welcomed the newest addition to the music community on Friday, May 2nd, with the grand opening of Grandma’s Studio at The Albany Barn. The recently renovated St. Joseph’s Academy building was turned into a 22 low-cost live/work residence for artists in the area with the concept of creating affordable living and wide open, creative work space. The idea for bringing a community together to work towards the goal of building art, music and relationships gifted the appropriate title, The Barn. Within the walls of the new venue, Bryan Brundige owns and operates the multi-track recording studio, Grandma’s, dedicated to the creation and capturing of music in comfort.

20140502 - Grandma's Grand Opening 1

The fresh new venue has bright, white walls that were lit up with multi-colored changing bulbs and were the perfect highlight for the local art on display throughout the two floored area. The first concert at the new performance space kicked off with Palatypus, Kimono Dragons, Le Rubb and PJ Katz & the Fat Buckle Band. Guests could enjoy the music from the main floor in front of the grand stage or with the open aired, walkway of the second floor. New to the scene and already set to perform at this year’s Tulipfest, the Kimono Dragons bring a much need surfer rock vibe to land lovers in Albany with fast riding riffs and rhythmic swells. Le Rubb is a unique quintet that brilliantly fuses electronica and jazz creating their own sound with echoes of digital turntables, horns and wind instruments with the classic percussion set up and bass. PJ Katz, multi-instrumentalist and producer, joined forces with the Fat Buckle Band for a high energy rocking set to close out the event.

20140502 - PJ Katz and The Fat Buckle Band 13

There’s nothing like the thrill of a new venue opening that can send the heart racing with hope and imagination. Just think of all the new show possibilities that are now plausible. is a strong supporter for the growth of music in Upstate New York and beyond. We congratulate and thank Grandma’s Studio and The Albany Barn on their opening and efforts to create a space for artists to “live, work and inspire.”

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