Is Cry to the Blind on the cusp?

If you haven’t seen Cry to the Blind by the end of this year, you haven’t been trying.

“Shows are coming in like crazy!” said band manager, Tommy “The Don” Casserino.  Announcements have been reporting out with a fury over the past few weeks.

Last week it was announced they will be opening for Framing Hanley for one show in Watertown, NY on May 15th at Exhibition Hall. Wednesday, CTTB was named to 95X‘s XFest for Saturday, June 21st in Syracuse, NY.  Adelita’s Way heads the playbill. And, yesterday, the East End Music Festival listed them among nine different acts to play on Friday, June 13th in the band’s hometown of Rochester, NY.

After the 95X Fest announcement, Casserino said, “Without the 95x Crew there would be no local support for the bands.”

Casserino also revealed that Rock Rage Radio approached the band for a possible tour.

“Cry to the Blind is a band that gives you 110% of what they do,” said Casserino. “My hats off to Radio Contraband for pushing ‘Wrecking Ball,’ and opening doors for the band.”

Last December, the band released a cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” taking the No. 1 pop single and making into a hard rock track of their own.  The accompanying YouTube video went viral, earning them enough attention to gain play time on Sirius Octane.

Now, the boys will take to the stage with Framing Hanley as one of the concert’s opening acts in Watertown.  Framing Hanley is a legitimate Top 10 talent that has been out of the circuit for a few years.  This tour is in support of their latest album The Sum of Who We Are, which is their first release since severing ties with Silent Majority and signing with Imagen Records.

The band had filmed a video for a new release “Unbroken” in partnership with Imagen Records back in March.  Casserino said the video is to be released soon.

Cry to the Blind is not signed with any record labels as of yet, but the pairing up with Imagen appears to be something worth keeping an eye on for the near future.

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