Nonpoint Braves the Cold of Watertown

It was a long way from home for Nonpoint, but we couldn’t have been happier to welcome them to enjoy a winter night in Watertown. The Florida rockers braved the cold, December 8, at the Exhibition Hall. Joining them was Chasing Sokaris, Cry to the Blind, Glen Street, and Caustic Method.

Chasing Sokaris started the night. Although these guys are good, something seems to be missing. There wasn’t any wow factor to their performance.

Cry to the Blind took the stage after Chasing Sokaris. Jon Lamanna, Jesse Maty, Ryan Mcfaul, Jay Telarico, and Kory Maclauchlan are on top of their game as their new single, “Unbroken” sweeps the nation. It is the first single written and released since the original lineup was reunited. It is also my new favorite song. They describe the track as “an anthem to the preservation of the human spirit”. After seeing them perform I could not imagine a song that would fit them better. These guys are a band that has mastered the art of performing. Some bands will come on stage and just play music. Yes the music is good but why am I here? Not Cry to the Blind. They blew me away. Jon Lamanna has a presence that immediately commands your attention. I have never seen a group look so happy to be doing what they love. When these guys make it, because I promise they will, I hope they do not lose the energy that makes them so special.

I have to admit when Glen Street stepped on stage I was not expecting much. When you think five teenagers in a band your mind wanders to boy bands perfectly choreographed into teen heart throbs. When most teenage bands are playing in garages, lucky to play at a school dance, these guys are selling merchandise, recording their first single “Blue”, and opening for national names like Nonpoint. From the opening note you see what separates Glen Street from the boys in the garage. Incredible talent. Nick Vanderwood belts out a note that sounds like it came straight from an 80’s metal band. As impressed as I was by Nick the best surprise of the night was Alex Verbickas on the guitar. I can think of seasoned professionals that can not play like this kid. He looks like he has been doing this for decades. If these guys are this good now I can only imagine what the future will hold for them. Glen Street is going to do big things.

Caustic Method has been playing in Watertown since the beginning, and have yet to disappoint an anxious crowd. This has been a great year for Caustic between the release of their album, The Virus, their first music video, and now signing a worldwide marketing deal. As they played a variety of old and new tracks to a room full of friends it is easy to see what all the hype is about. Their music isn’t like anything you will hear in metal, which is quite a feat in this genre It is easy to root for them, not only because they are so talented and dedicated, but they are a group of all around good guys. Matt Caustic interacts with the crowd, remembering he started here, and he really feels like just an old friend. You can take this band out of NY, but I have a feeling this is a band that will never forget where they came from.

By the time Caustic exited the stage I was so pumped, I couldn’t imagine the night could get any better. Then came Nonpoint.I was concerned with the recent change in line up, BC Kochmit replaced Dave Lizzo in August, that the band would suffer but I think they have only improved.  Elias Soriano, Robb Rivera, Rasheed Thomas, Adam Wosolyn, and BC Kochmit are touring in support of Nonpoint’s 8th studio album, The Return. Nearly two decades of performing has made Nonpoint a force to be reckoned with. This comes as natural as breathing to them. It is one thing to hear a Nonpoint song on the radio, your heart races, maybe you play a little air guitar, but its a whole other level hearing it live. I think it might be physically impossible to sit still at a Nonpoint concert. Hold on to your hats adrenaline junkies, Nonpoint is going to show you a rush.

For a decade, December 8 has been a reminder of tragedy and loss in the music community. On a night that marked 10 years since the loss of Pantera’s Darrell Abbott, ‘Dimebag Darrell’, Watertown celebrated life in style. A celebration that would make a legend proud.

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