Hearing Aide: Fiction for Bandits “Gunslinger Part One: The Chase”

fictionforbanditsFiction for Bandits‘ latest release, Gunslinger, Part 1: The Chase, opens up with a smooth track called “Lovely Girl At The Window.” I was thinking, “Okay, this band is a nice, relaxed, indie band. I dig it.”  But I was blown away as soon as the second song played. “The Gunslinger” is a fast song that opens up with a strong and swift guitar solo. Lead singer Nicholas Perry, out of Albany, belts out his vocals that are reminiscent of Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge. The song itself definitely has some Blink 182 and Misfits influences, which is present throughout the album.

Another song that caught me off guard was “Life For Your Crop.” The song starts out slow with an acoustic guitar, but I since learned to wait for the build up. Quickly, bassist Nick Wilson who is the in the band, comes in with a steady beat. Guitarist Mike Mazzeo follows with a catchy solo, and the band comes together with this rather edgy and dark song. Scott Ramundo, on drums, arises with a fast and punchy beat. “Do you believe in an afterlife? I think this is it,” Perry whispers as the song picks up. Deep growls could be heard in the chorus that sent chills down my spine.

Gunslinger, Part 1: The Chase is an album that can definitely be played all day and would sound best booming out of car speakers. It brings a mixture of indie, punk and metal together in one album. It’s the perfect blend for any music lover if they just want to mellow out or jam out.

Gunslinger, Part 1: The Chase, and their 2012 album, Words and Arrows are both available on ITunes. Which can be found Here

Key Tracks: The Gunslinger, Life for Your Crop, Forget to Breathe

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