Hearing Aide: Amanda Rogers’ ‘WILD’


Several weeks ago I had the chance to review six songs off Amanda Rogers’ newest album WILD. The EP was a solid set that previewed the direction Rogers is taking with the album, which dips its toes in all sorts of musical genres. Rogers draws on some widespread influences from country to pop to piano ballads, all of which help keep her work undefined in any broader musical classification. The first half features singles that stand well on their own, while the second half really settles in, flowing agreeably between tunes.

One of the best songs off the album is a piano pop gem “Welcome To The Show.” With a really distinct and pleasing tone, the piano plays an upbeat rhythm that will have you hooked—a great way to start off. The drums pick the song up into a groove when they come in on the chorus and the carefree piano solo following after creates an open and unencumbered space of some feel-good music. Free and easy whistling throughout brings you back to an outdoor summertime atmosphere, something almost all of us in the New York area are longing for right about now when spring hits. With “Welcome To The Show” leading off, Amanda Rogers anticipates a sort of driving in your car with the windows down/living in America vibe to the rest of the album.

“The American Dream” presents this American feel throughout Rogers’ music, however not in an idealized or glorified way as she addresses some national issues with lines like, “We’re overworked and we’re underpaid” and “This American dream right in front of your TV screen,” as a possible call out to those who forgot about their dreams, contented by TV. “More, More, More” adds to Rogers’ exposing of the United States corporate structure by putting down certain CEOs who make an unnecessary amount of money at the expense of others.

“Sweet Sleep” is a soft lullaby tune that’s definitely meant to be listened to under the covers at night. There’s an airy freshness in songs like “Someone Waits” and “Genes I’m Always Wearing,” both of which have a similar feel to what’s heard in “Welcome To The Show.” With “10 Years Closer” Rogers offers a gloomy side to the album with some darker style singing. Altogether WILD is a long 19-song album with Amanda Rogers’ unique voice and piano style traveling through various styles of music.

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