Aqueous Running KickStarter to Fund New Album

Buffalo’s groove rock champions Aqueous are in the midst of a Kick Starter campaign to fund their new studio album. With the advent of mp3’s and digital music rendering cd sales and labels practically moot, more and more artists are turning directly to their fan base to fund the expensive process of studio creation, mixing and production.

This has become a win for fans – with most campaigns including a plethora of unique and exclusive opportunities up for grabs, the barricades between artist and audience start to crumble. Aqueous’s campaign is no exception, offering everything from personalized artwork from band members, brand new merchandise, personalized set lists, to having the band play a raging full show in your backyard.

Even the most basic contribution will net the lucky investor their name in the albums liner notes. is a big supporter of these campaigns and we hope you’ll consider helping out one of our favorite up and coming bands.

At the least you should check out the page for the really amusing video. Lemonade anyone?


Upcoming Upstate Aqueous Dates

April 24th Putnam Den, Saratoga NY*

April 25th The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse NY*

April 26th The Waiting Room, Buffalo NY **

May 9-10 Carey Lake Spring Revival Festival, Macedon NY

* w/ Dopapod

** w/ Dopapod and Mister F

Aqueous – King For a Day – Erie Pa 2013-12-31

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