Musical Force: Alan Evans Playonbrother and Turkuaz hit Putnam Den

Putnam Den hosted two soulful bands, Alan Evans Playonbrother and Turkuaz, this past Thursday the 27th of March that rocked the roof off the venue. Both acts had new music to share with fans that eagerly filled up the dance floor.

alan evansWith their most recent name change, Alan Evan’s Playonbrother started the night to prove that they are more than a jazz trio. Were they always this edgy? The new name was the boost the group needed to give them more of a dark rock sound. Guitarist Danny Mayer was relentless in his strong guitar riffs throughout the set, never slowing down as Beau Sasser on keys cranked out sharp notes for the familiar jazz like sound that fans have always loved. Alan Evan’s passionately beat his drums and cymbals with a new found fiery confidence, not his usual cool, calm and collected manner. One of the highlights of the night was their rendition of Cream’s “Sunshine of your Love” and subsequent jam, an out of control, hard hitting masterpiece. The trio recently released a new album, Woodstock Sessions, Vol 1. that is available online or at their shows on their current tour with Turkuaz.

The well-oiled funk machine known as Turkuaz shook the crowd and Putnam Den with their explosive dance music. The 9-piece band from Brooklyn resembles a modern day Talking Heads but with more funk, some Motown flavor and a touch of techno. The band has harmonies coming from every direction and member, not to mention a great chemistry that makes each show fun and special. Their synchronized dance moves were contagious to the crowd and kept everyone pumped up throughout the night. Guitarist Dave Brandwein dances in the eye of the Turkuaz tornado, being a strumming, sturdy force. Geneva Williams and Sammi Garett showcased a wide range of vocals, both in unison and in the solo spotlight. Chris Brouwers was a treat to watch perform in that he can multi-task like a boss as he plays the trumpet and keys at the same time. They are set to release their newest album, Future 86,on April 1st with all pre-orders (digital or physical) receiving a code to download it the day it comes out, no joke. To quote one of their new songs, “The future is coming now” and it is Turkuaz. Be sure to see Turkuaz and Alan Evans Playonbrother at Rock n Roll Resort v4: The Dream Machine, and get your hands on their latest music.

Setlist: Typa-Lika, Night Swimming, Coast, Rules, Murder Face, 20 Dollar, Chatte, Lookin’ Tough, Can You Handle It?, Tiptoe Thru Crypto, It’s Hard, Honky Tonk, Future, Bubba, Take me to the River, Monkey Fingers

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