Deer Tick Pack The Hollow to the Brim

On the first Friday of March, Deer Tick played to a rabid sold out crowd at The Hollow in Albany. Opening the show was Toy Soldiers, a fantastic band hailing from Philadelphia, who mixed rock, blues and funk into a great sound. By the end of the set the crowd was in the palm of their hands as they jammed out the last song in extended solos for each member of the band. They will be back at The Hollow on May 28th and you should make sure you see them.

20140307 - Deer Tick 9

Taking the stage after a short break was Deer Tick, who was welcomed by one of the most enthusiastic crowds ever seen at The Hollow. From the moment they came on stage, people were jumping and dancing around in the small space that each person occupied. The band split the show up into thirds, with the first and third part being straight up in-your-face rock and roll, and the middle portion being a beautiful acoustic section. Deer Tick showed that they can master either one with ease. Hopefully it won’t be a long time before they come back to the area.

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