Echo Hill officially done

Echo Hill, the up-and-coming alternative band out of Smithtown, Long Island, has officially disbanded.

Alex Laudani, co-founder of the four-piece band, took to the band’s official Facebook page last week to make the announcement.

It had been a feel good story that was first reported on our site in December.  The band, consisting of college-aged musicians of whom working towards, or recently earning their respective degrees, had garnered much attention to itself.  Last summer, they organized a successful concert, including several bands local to Long Island, with the intent to collect food to the region still suffering from 2012’s Hurricane Sandy.

Since then, the band has appeared in numerous periodicals and began landing gigs within New York City, including Webster Hall (which, was later canceled).  When we spoke to them in December, they were tentatively making plans to tour throughout Upstate New York.

And, that’s about when things started to unravel.

When they were together Echo Hill consisted of (from left to right) Dylan Coates, Keith Miller, Monique Teichert and Alex Laudani. (Photo Credit: Echo Hill)

Just weeks following our feature article, the band announced lead singer, Monique Teichert had left the band.  At the time, the cited that Teichert and her band mates did not share the same level of commitment, but a more acrimonious relationship was alluded on the band’s Facebook a short time later.

Echo Hill quickly sought after what would be their third lead singer in three years.  However, just short of two months after Teichert’s departure, Laudani reluctantly put the band “to death.”

In a text message, Laudani said he is in the early stages of starting a new project.

“I’ll be back with a vengeance.”

As for Teichert, she too expressed that she has not quit on music.  In a personal message through Facebook, she stated, “I’m not quitting on music. I’ll keep you posted on my new project.”

A “farewell” package has been prepared on Echo Hill’s official website, making several of their singles available to the public at no charge.