Chris ‘Hollywood’ English Joins Lucid as New Drummer

North Country Adirondack-rock, blues-fusion outfit Lucid is continuing their 10-year journey with a new drummer.  Christopher J. “Hollywood” English is deeply rooted in music as he comes from a family full of musicians. The addition of Chris only solidifies the growth and forward motion of Lucid. It is a match made in musical utopia.

photo by Chelsea Wright

Chris has an extensive musical background and attended The School of the Arts Performing School in Rochester.  His musical upbringing, schooling and time spent playing on the road have shaped him into a musician who is not only a crowd-pleaser, but into someone that’s known and respected among his peers.

Throughout Chris’ career, he has shared the stage with Charlie Hunter, moe., Bobby Blue Bland, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Soulive, Robert Randolph, The Word and AudioInFlux, to name a few. Chris is currently working on his first solo album, which will showcase songs that he has composed and written, with plans to release in the coming year.

Chris plays drums with an intense rhythmic accuracy and skill that every drummer strives for, but few can deliver. His talent on the drums in concert with his incredibly powerful and soulful vocals contributes to any venture he takes on, aiding in creating a complete and euphonious musical experience for an audience.

Find yourself in the celebration that is a Lucid show, and you’ll quickly understand the infectious, unique experience that music fans are raving about. Come and join the party.

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