Donna The Buffalo Never Seem to Disappoint in Buffalo

You know that feeling that is produced when your friends and family are around you?  The feeling of comfort and just pure positive vibes filling the room? This is how Donna The Buffalo, hailing from Trumansburg, NY, made the crowd feel on Saturday, February 8th at The Tralf Music Hall in Buffalo. It’s as if you’re at a backyard party hosted by the special people in your life. There was no opener on this night but they didn’t need one because DTB filled the entire nigh, getting fans up and moving with their 27 song set.


DTB started off the night with one of their most recognizable tunes in their catalog with “In This Life”. Jeb Puryear (guitar, vocals) with the very catchy intro and Tara Nevins (fiddle, accordion, guitar,vocals) accompanied with the equally snappy accordion intro got the entire crowd moving.

One of Donna the Buffalo’s traits is not having a setlist before the show and feeding off what the crowd is interested in hearing. Several times Puryear and Dave McCracken (Keys) took notes from fans asking for certain songs and special birthday announcements. The ability to give the fans the ultimate experience and home type feeling is what DTB is all about. Kyle Spark (Bass) and Mark Raudabaugh (drums) rounded out the band and provided a very solid background to the sound that is DTB, one that is rustic and very authentic.


“40 Days and 40 Nights” is such a uplifting and excitable song from the moment Puryear strums the very recognizable intro. Closing the set with “No Place Like The Right Time” was a highlight of the night, one of the bands top singles and fan favorites to date. There truly is something magically between Puryear and Nevins and it shined bright with their first encore song, “There Must Be”. Nevins fiddle cuts through the crowd and the hearts of everyone and includes Nevins and Puryear on stage . The night was capped off by a growing single, “Working on That” off their most recent album, Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday and put the finishing touches on what was a great night filled with friends and concert family.

Donna The Buffalo has some time to rest after three straight shows, and will be heading to The Virgina Key Grassroots Festival on February 21-22. Catch DTB when they headline The Great Blue Heron Music Festival on July 5-7 in Sherman, NY

Setlist: In This Life, Temporary Misery,Tonight Tomorrow and Yesterday, One Day at a Time, Everyday, Love and Gasoline, These Are Better Days, I Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely > Cornbread, I Love My Tribe, I Can Fly, Forty Days and Forty Nights, Broken Record, Ms. Parsley, Ancient Arms, In the Shade, No Sad Songs, Heaven on the Earth, What Money Cannot Buy, Deeds of a Few, Funkyside, Love Time, No Place Like the Right Time

Encore: There Must Be, Chocolate 3-Step (Yeah You Right) > Gimme Just a Little Time, Working on That

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