Help Mister F Become Mister A-OK

Albany’s newest Prog-Funk rockers Mister F have begun a campaign on to raise funds for their forthcoming debut studio album. Formed in early 2013 from members of Upstate New York-based bands Timbre Coup and Capital Zen, Mister F is an eclectic, high-energy four-piece band that takes a no-holds-barred approach to blending genres while keeping your feet moving. Having performed at festivals such as Mountain Jam, moe.down, Summer Camp, Camp Bisco, and snoe.down with their previous bands, members of Mister F are no strangers to the live music community.

Some music lovers can be hesitant to engage in these sorts of fundraisers, and for those people I’d like you to lend me your ear for a minute. Consider the facts of a small band on the rise trying to make it to a level of success that simply pays the bills. Let’s consider the costs and rewards of one show,  say it’s 200 miles away and pays a guarantee of $500 for a band of four. Immediately we have to subtract gas expenses. At roughly the 15 miles per gallon a tour van would get (if one is lucky) that brings the grand total down to $400. Of course most bands, whether they have a sound guy or not will have to pay one roughly $80-120. Now we are down to $320. A smart group will also have street teamers which need promotional material to spread for the show. Subtract another $30 and we are at $290. No one has eaten anything yet so let’s chop another $40 in miscellaneous expenses leaving us at $250 for four people for roughly 10 hours of work and travel. Roughly $60 a piece or $6 per hour. Band’s MUST consider this sort of campaign to stay fed and working. On top of that, you aren’t just handing over money as any amount of donation from $10 and up comes with a reward, at the least you get an excellent brand new album from a hungry band determined to succeed.


Mister F’s debut album pre-sale fundraising campaign starts with the basic level of perk packages – a digital download of the album upon release, or a hard copy of the album on compact disc. Scott Hannay, vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist/bassist for the band and creator of Umphrey’s McNES – a series of 8-bit ‘chiptune’ remakes of Umphrey’s McGee songs – has offered a package where he will create your likeness as an 8-bit Nintendo character and write an original 30-second 8-bit video game theme song for your character. Matt Pickering, drummer/vocalist, is offering a package where he will draw you a personalized picture. You can also get show-used drumsticks, guitar strings and bass strings used during the recording of the album, receive a private lesson from any member in the band – such as a guitar lesson from lead guitarist Andrew Chamberlaine – or have bassist/guitarist/vocalist/band chef Ben Pickering cook a meal for you. There are many other packages available, and more may be added as the campaign progresses. Check out the full list of perks and a pretty damn hilarious video on the indiegogo site here.

We’re all looking forward to autographed hard copies of albums and poster packages to come in the mail very soon. We hope you all will join in supporting one of our favorite bands.

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