Celebrating the Winter Solstice in Style with Becca Frame and Brian Shafer

What better way to spend the December 21st, the Winter Solstice, than with area favorites Becca Frame and Brian Shafer at the quaint watering hole in Delhi known as the Shire Pub! For those lucky enough to have arrived early, Becca handed out CDs from Esquela, another of her and Brian’s bands, as Christmas presents. To add to the home-town feel, Becca’s family was in attendance, and they were proudly and publicly welcomed.

Becca and Brian

Although the band members mentioned that cover songs are what they typically get hired for, they always try to slip in some of their originals. (On a related note, Becca and Brian are currently working on recording an album with a working title of Short Stories and Tall Boys.) With Becca on vocals and Brian on guitar, their wide range of abilities and styles was demonstrated in their choice of cover tunes, which included a gospel-y rendition of “You’ll Accompany Me”, a twang-y version of “New York City’s Killing Me”, and a spacey take on “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover”.

As promised, Becca and Brian did perform some of their own tunes, which showcased the raw, pure talent present in both performers. “Little Girl Sing” had a kind of sing-songy tone to it, while “Setting the Record Straight” demonstrated that this band can play the blues. At times forgetting that there was only one guitarist on stage, Brian does an incredible job of playing both the rhythm and melody sections over the full range of octaves. Becca puts all she has into every song, with the words sultry and soulful coming to mind when listening to her amazing voice. As an added bonus, one of Brian’s former bandmates Matt Sauer, from the band Wreckloose, joined Brian for a few tunes. They were super tight, and nailed the harmonies between their two guitars.

Keep an eye out for Becca Frame and Brian Shafer – they are definitely worth checking out if they come to your area, which is entirely possible, as they are very active in the Upstate circuit. They are both good about keeping their facebook pages up-to-date with upcoming tour dates, so be sure to look for them on facebook.