Get Lucky this Friday the 13th with The Kollectiv and Groovestick


This Friday at 9pm don’t miss two of Upstate New York’s fresh and funky bands, The Kollectiv and GrooveStick, appearing at The Hollow in Albany. Groovestick has become a growing Capital District sensation with their heavy organ infused, progressive funk. The trio is a collaboration with Dan Gerken on guitar (Timbre Coup/Mirk), Chris Carballeira on organ/keys (Dirty Paris, Funk Evolution) and Frantz Celestin on drum kit (The Kollectiv, Dirty Paris).

This will be a special reunion show for The Kollectiv, since they have had band members living on the west coast and haven’t played together for months. The original lineup consists of keyboardist Eric Luba, guitarist Jaden Carlson, Frantz Celestin on drums (GrooveStick), Chris Duffy on bass (Dirty Paris), Lars Viola on turntables (M.A.E.), and guitarist Taylor Frederick (Technicolor Tone Factory). Deep into December, they are staying true to the old holiday saying, “There’s no place like home for the holidays” and eager to see long awaited fans and friends in Albany and at the Black Oak Tavern in Oneonta on Saturday.

Before their big weekend, was lucky to catch some free time with Taylor Frederick about their time apart, practice and the year ahead.

Susan Rice: It’s been quite some time since the Kollectiv performed in Upstate New York. What have you guys been working on since your time off?

Taylor Frederick: Well Duffy is finishing up college in Albany as of right now, Lars is down in NYC producing and working with his hip-hop projects at True Statement., Frantz has been hard at work with his new funk trio Groovestick, and Eric and myself moved out to Boulder, CO at the end of May, and dove into the music scene out here pretty quickly. He is now in The Jaden Carlson Band, and I am now playing with Technicolor Tone Factory. As for Eric and myself, I know JCB is planning on a two month national tour starting at the end of February or beginning of March, and TTF will also be on tour at that time heading west toward California, and also heading south into Texas around the same time. Tour dates are going to be released in early 2014.

SR: Do you find it difficult to keep in touch with band members living across the country? Do you log in practice time with each other?

TF: It’s a little difficult at times. You tend to get caught up in life, and sometimes that makes time fly by a bit faster than one would like. But we do keep in touch quite a bit. Since Eric and I are out here we have been running the old stuff and some new surprises for the run and the rest of the boys have been doing their own individual runs on the material.

SR: Do you guys feel like you will need like you need a lot of practice before the show? I would be nervous if I had to play with a band that I haven’t seen in month’s haha.

TF: Well the funny story is the band was founded on straight improv, even the songs. We just kind of get lucky that we all know them well enough that when we hear a tease of something, we all pick up on it and can go right in. It’s a pretty amazing bond to have with a group of musicians. It doesn’t happen often but when it does its magic. For the run however we have been learning a bunch of new material on our own, and whatever we decide on, the setlists will kind of determine what we can fit in between point A and point B.

SR: What is the band most excited for on your Holiday/reunion run in Upstate NY?

TF: We’re just pumped to be playing music together again. It’s always a good time when we get together. Our friends from all over the place always come out as well and we seem to make new ones at ever show. It’s slowly turning into just a giant family reunion.

SR: Does the Kollectiv have any plans for 2014 that fans can look forward to? New music? More East Coast shows?

TF: As far as 2014 you never know. There have been some old studio recordings that just may resurface, and maybe a couple festival appearances? We’ll have to wait and see. Right now just keep an eye out for JCB, TTF, Groovestick, M.A.E, Dirty Paris and our other respected projects!

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