Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City Tour

Following two great sets by the talented Rochester band “Aminal” and the New York band, “MS MR”, Vampire Weekend took the Main Street Armory stage by storm. They jumped right in, opening with the hugely popular track, “Diane Young” off of their new album Modern Vampires of the City. The crowd was hooked immediately, going wild at first note of the familiar song with screams and applause.

Kelli_Marsh_Vampire Weekend-1013

The energy inside the Armory in Rochester was as high off the stage as it was on. Fans sang, snapped iPhone photos and danced along with each tune the band turned out. Boyishly handsome front man Ezra Koenig delivered a smooth and passionate performance during the nearly 90-minute set.

Vampire Weekend has a sound like no other; one that has become easily recognizable and points to a bright future for the talented band. The bouncy “A-Punk,” one of their biggest hits, had the crowd hopping in rhythm while singing along with the band “Hey, hey, hey!” Playing other favorites such as, “Holiday”, which became popular thanks in part to a Honda commercial, “Horchata” and “Unbelievers” kept the audience happily cheering from beginning to end. They ended the night with a 3-song encore and bid the final farewell with the tune, “Walcott”. A song close to their hearts and one they end every show with.

Setlist: Diane Young, White Sky, Cape Cod Kwasssa Kwassa, Unbelievers, Holiday, Step, Finger Back, Horchata, Everlasting Arms, Cousins, California English, A-Punk, Boston (Ladies of Cambridge), Ya Hey, Campus, Oxford Comma, Giving Up the Gun

Encore: Hannah Hunt, One (Blake’s Got a New Face), Walcott

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