Has Statewide Music Found a New Festival Home at Carey Lake? – Phallfest in Review

Statewide Music has become well known in Upstate, NY for well run, family friendly, and talent loaded music festivals throughout the years. However the past few sites have been hampered by poor maintenance, were way off the beaten path and couldn’t handle a little weather like any good mother nature hardened festival denizen.

Enter Carey Lake and the debut of Phall Fest. Gone are the muddy ruts, the precarious hills to navigate, and the millions of mosquitoes circling overhead. This site is amazingly convenient; located just off of Route 441 in Macedon NY, has ample flat space for both car camping and woods camping, plenty of room for centrally located vending, and a restaurant and bar at the front of the property for those that like to fest high brow.


The lineup was primarily made up of Rochester based bands with a handful from the Syracuse and Buffalo areas. Vending was available and convenient and the porta-potties never got to that ‘OMG level’ many festivals can attain. Beyond the two days of top-notch musical entertainment, there was also some excellent pyro-spinning and eating from the Solare Flare troupe. Musicians wandered freely pow-wowing with fans and sitting in with fellow music makers. Both stages were professionally built and beautifully decorated, the main one wrapped in an autumn motif; the woods under a canopy of tarps and Christmas lights. A new home indeed.

If you missed the fun, don’t fret as Carey Lake will be a busy place next year, with the second annual Spring Revival (May 9-11th) and third Fiddler’s Picnic (July 11-13th) already scheduled.