Sirens & Sailors In The Finals For Best of Rochester 2013 Poll

Photo Credit: Good Knews Photography

City Newspaper, a newspaper local to Rochester N.Y., has nominated local Rochester metal band Sirens & Sailors for best local band and best local show in the Best of Rochester 2013 poll.

“We were at practice, and I had just gotten behind my drum set to start warming up, and Kyle mentioned that we should go check out this survey that Rochester was having,” Doug Court, the band’s drummer, said. “So, we did and, sure enough, we were on there.”

“It was a truly humbling and great experience,” Court said. “We love Rochester so much, and it’s a huge honor that Rochester loves us back.

“If we do win, I think it will give the people who aren’t quite into the heavier music a bit of a reason to check us out, and also to carry on that honor outside of Rochester. And, rep for our city is seriously an amazing experience in itself.”

“I found out that Sirens & Sailors were nominated because a few friends had posted the link to vote and mentioned that we were in the running,” vocalist Kyle Bihrle said. “I shortly after picked up a copy of the latest City Newspaper and saw our name in the running in that as well.”

“I felt and still feel extremely honored. I’ve never seen a band of our genre nominated for the category before, and that truly means so much to us to be considered. A very humbling feeling.

“We take gigantic pride in being from Rochester, N.Y., and we speak so highly of it everywhere we travel. To win would honestly be one of the proudest moments of being in this band. To have the city we love so much back us and support us enough to give us an award would just be mind blowing.

“It would be great recognition for bands such as ourselves in Rochester.”

Voting for the Best of Rochester 2013 will continue until Oct. 15, according to City Newspaper’s website, and the winners will be announced Oct. 30.

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