Fledging Crow Fest in the High Peaks Region, August 24th

Photos by Michele Trifunovski

Fledging Crow Vegetables is a certified organic farm just northeast of the Adirondack High Peaks region. If you follow the mighty Ausable River you’ll find yourself among some of the greenest, most fertile land New York State can offer and Fledging Crow Vegetable farm is tucked away in the small town of Keeseville. Saturday, August 24th the crew on the farm threw a party for all of their fans. What was once a “Thank You” potluck is now an all out celebration of the good things in life, art, live music, endless dancing, locally crafted beer, and the simple act of sharing a nutritious meal with your neighbors.


The weather for this gathering was 75′ and sunny. The sky was purely blue and the sun was shining down with all of its might. Everyone in the crowd was busy, buzzing around the dance tent, the food line, the artists, vendors, the kids area, the unveiling of the pit roasted pork, and the greenhouses. A local favorite, the band Big Slyde got on stage first and shared their ever-evolving music with the crowd as it poured in. They offered the friendly sounds of the guitar, cello, mandolin, banjo, cajon, various percussion instruments and the voices of multiple singers in the band- the perfect introduction to a jam packed day of music.

As the food was served buffet style and the lines filled up, guests filled their plates and bellies with fresh greens, home made salads, breads, rolls, BBQ chicken, pork, and deserts. Some local breweries had a chance to share some of their finest brews as well. Much to guest’s surprise, the full-glass samples came along with the $30 ticket to get in and the flow of beer seemed endless! Co-owner David Bruce of Schroon Lake’s Paradox Brewery explained how delighted and honored he felt to be a part of something so wholesome and real; he described how it reminded him of the Woodstock generation, a time and place of freedom, self-expression, peace, and strangers coming together as family. What a way to eat, drink and be merry!


Next up on the stage was one the north country’s finest bands, Lucid. Promising more to come later, they played out their day set with sophisticated jams and classy renditions of songs off of their latest album Home is Where We Wanna Grow. With special guest and friend Meadow on stage singing along, the group got the crowd moving and their words of wisdom filled the air, their lyrics like the anthem of the day. Crow Fest mixed things up a bit and invited a local troupe of Samba/Afro-Brazilian dancers along to perform. The ladies of the troupe danced a mesmerizing dance to the drumming of the congas and djembe. Colorful and lively, their energy was infectious and people young and old joined in the performance; the boundary of the performers and crowd disappearing.  Hands clapping, feet stomping, faces painted and smiles all around, the show went on like a sandy storm of color, worldly rhythm and pure joy.

As dusk approached and the moon finally graced it’s presence upon the land, the true farm vibe was set into motion thanks to The Blind Owl Band. Dubbed “Adirondack Freight Train String Music”, these boys know how to bring any party back to its roots. With their true bluegrass sound, dusty ol’ display of character and hearty following of fans, this band brings a show through town that is hard to forget and the perfect fit for a farmyard get down. With the crowd asking for more, Crow Fest brought Spiritual Rez along for the ride too. With their island sounds that progress into straight up rock and true funk, Spiritual Rez turned the scene into a dance party. Their lyrics inspired and their beats ignited. The music moved on too fast but Lucid kept playing until sunrise and the vegetable fields filled with sleepy campers.


Owners of the farm, Ian Ater and Lucas Christenson were busy all day greeting guests, keeping food and drinks flowing and soaking up the sights and sounds that were filling their quiet countryside farm. Crow Fest creates the backdrop for people to come together sharing their homegrown works of art, whether it be food, music, conversation, or any other organic creation. What a fine mix of dreams coming together, supporting your local neighbors in their endeavors to bring the power back to the land, and back to the people.

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