Buffalove Photo Review – The Sights of a Premier Festival Done to Perfection

It’s around 10:30pm at the debut edition of the Buffalove festival and 3/4’s of Aqueous have taken the stage. Skins wizard Nick Sonricker is standing backstage enjoying a beer. Noticing the odd look on this reporters face, he offers “No worries man, they won’t need me for a while.” The rest of the band starts playing the familiar intro to Pink Floyd’s “Shine On (You Crazy Diamond)”. The crowd delivers a deafening roar and Nick finally makes his way to the drum set. What followed was one of the most spot on, goose bump inducing covers one could imagine. Simply perfect. (Check it out here)


This was just one of dozens of unforgettable experiences that this festival delivered over two days in late June at the Willow Creek Winery in Silver Springs, NY. From Aqueous’s top notch Friday night headlining set, to the sick Buffalove jam featuring musicians from multiple bands, to the one two punch of Funktional Flow’s “Wappy Spayberry” (Umphrey’s McGee) into Phish’s “Sand”, there was nary a dull moment to be found. Partners Richard Zanghi and Cody Conway’s Buffalojams  festival could not have had a more spectacular introduction. The staff and grounds of the winery were perfect, the sounds of board wizard Ryan Nogle were spot on, and the weather … given the apocalyptic nature of most every festival this year, the beautiful conditions could not have been dreamed of beforehand. But fear not, if you’re feeling some regret having missed this stunner, Buffalove 2 will be back next year!

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