The Westcott Theater Promoters ‘Upstate Shows’ Take Over Booking for Lost Horizon

Syracuse’s Lost Horizon has undergone some recent changes and fans can expect to see a lot more music there in coming months. Starting in September Upstate Shows – the promoters for The Westcott Theater, will take the helm at The Lost Horizon. The venue, located just off Erie Blvd. will expand its already popular hard-core metal lineup with new promoters.

Eric Binion and Dan Mastronardi, are the owners of Upstate Shows and currently book shows exclusively at The Westcott, the F Shed and the occasional show at The Landmark in Syracuse, NY. The duo will be looking to expand the current calendar of metal and punk-rock shows at this smaller venue.

With their success at the revitalization of The Westcott Theater – now one of Syracuse’s premier music venues, the team hopes to do the same for this historical gem. Lost Horizon has, for some time now, been considered the main venue for heavy metal, rock and punk-rock type shows; the new promoters told that they look forward to booking their more intimate shows at the Lost.

Fans of the current style of music coming to the venue need not worry, Upstate Shows plans to add to the calendar by bringing in a wider scope of musical taste. With its history in the city that dates back to the 1970’s – fans can now see local bands like Dark Hollow and local favorites like Driftwood in a more intimate setting than larger venues in Syracuse.

We are always happy to learn about new places to see good music and our entire Syracuse Staff looks forward to covering more shows at this venue in. Shows are already being announced for the Lost, look for regional acts like Aqueous on October 23rd, the full schedule can be found at

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