Meet The Big Up Artists – An Interview With Eskmo

The Big Up Festival is right around the corner and it’s time to start mapping out your festival game-plan so you don’t miss all of the awesome acts The Big Up has in store.  I had the opportunity to ask one of The Big Up’s recent additions to the already stellar lineup Eskmo, or Brendan Angelides. If you had the opportunity to catch Eskmo at Camp Bisco, you know you are in for a serious treat at his late night set at the Space Ball City Tent. eskmo

Jennifer Wilson:  Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in the music industry?

Brendan Angelides: I’m from the east coast of the US originally. I started playing music with bands in high school and then slowly started working on solo projects with cheap electronic gear. Flash forward a number of years and with a series of singles on vinyl, I ended up signing with Ninja Tune to release the latest batch of music.

JW: Can you tell us a story about a day in your life?

BA: Nothing too fancy really. I do my morning ritual, take care of simple tasks and work on music. I always mix in hiking, meditating and (just as of recent) practicing Kenpo.

JW: How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it before?

BA: I’m not sure really, but I could say melodic Earth and Water music.

JW: Your musical technique seems to cross many different genres and styles. What goes into your process of creating a new song or album?

BA: Honest reflection of what is going on in my life and growth process. It can come from a variety of places, but as long as it’s authentic  it is always the best route to take. Sometimes lyrics, sometimes melodies, sometimes it can be a cool recording I got at a train station.

JW: You released a collaborative project with Amon Tobin, what was it like working with such an influential composer and producer?

BA: Humbling and encouraging. I value his integrity and person a large amount. He is one of the best out there.

JW: What do you want The Big Up goers to expect from your performance and how will it differ from what they may have seen at CampBisco?

BA: Each set has a ton of improvised elements, live singing and happy accidents. I’m sure it will be its own experience. If anyone wants to bring me sound effects, go for it.

JW: What advice would you give to other artists at The Big Up festival who have less experience playing live than you?

BA: Be patient, stay focused and authentic; and breathe

Eskmo on Soundcloud

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