The Big Up Music and Arts Festival Will Return in 2013

After a one-year journey, The Big Up Music and Arts Festival returns for the summer of 2013. Shireworks Productions has shared a transmission received from The Big Up Mothership, who reported it had been traveling in outer space since the end of the 2011 fest, when it got sucked into a wormhole and then spit out into a previously undiscovered frontier. See the full transmission of the message below.

Entering its third year, The Big Up presents a new paradigm in the independent festival scene by maintaining a boutique ethos. Showcasing three nights of live music, arts and culture, programmed with a premier festival experience in mind.

Festival goers listen to seamlessly flowing, yet rarely overlapping music schedules that play like the best summer mixtape, while geocaching, attending a workshop, or simply soaking in the sun. For the 2013 festival, fans can expect to experience a unique synthesis of live national and groundbreaking musical entertainment, interactive art, sustainable initiatives, high-end production quality and an intimate vibe, all at a tremendous value.

big up festivalHosted by the livetronic power-trio, Higher Organix, past Big Up festivities have featured 72 hours of music with performances by EOTO, Tipper, Big Gigantic, Gramatik, Digital Tape Machine, RAQ, OTT,  Marco Benevento and many more. The Festival weaves a dynamic festival landscape of space-themed arts, magical woods, a wide array of food, crafts, and participatory activities.

The Mothership has advised to stay tuned to Festival website and on Facebook.

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